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The good news is that Lilo came home.  Yay!  She spent today alternating between sleeping on my desk and sitting on my window-sill, as far as I can tell.  She certainly seems happy enough.

Work was good today.  I feel like I'm finally settling in.  There are still plenty of things for me to learn, but every day I get the hang of something new, so I'm making progress at least.  I've also begun reorganising stuff, and there's a ton of archiving to do, which will clear up a lot of space in my office.  Tomorrow is payroll day, and ought to be fun considering how many staff we've had off sick etc.  My boss is one very awesome chick, though, so I know she'll help me out a lot.  I'm very lucky.

My exam on Friday was much easier than I thought, and now I'm super-impatient about getting my grade.  Better be worth the money I paid for that paper - the actual learning process itself certainly wasn't.  And now it's difficult to be motivated about my next few papers.  It's a bad sign when I'm more interested in reading books about MS Access than I am in studying for a paper!

I finally watched season one of Farscape.  It grew on me, although I'm not fanatical about it.  The Aussie accents still throw me!  Might give the next season a shot and see how it goes.  Possibly all my fan energy has been spent on NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles, which I am currently loving.

Tomorrow we're having my cuz and her partner over for dinner.  I can't wait; it's been ages since they've visited us.  I'm gonna do some chicken & chorizo kebabs for the bbq, along with chinese honey sausages and some lamb steaks.  Add a salad and some minted baby potatoes, and we're done!  Then it'll be time to sit back and watch House at 8.30pm.  :-D

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