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Goddamnit.  This morning, I discovered that I'd fucked up the due date for one of my assessments - I thought it was due next Tuesday, but actually it was due on the 23rd.  I kinda don't know what to do.  Thinking about asking if I can do this paper in Semester 2 instead, because I obviously don't have the spare time for all this.  >_<

And I won't have any spare time at all during the next two weeks, as my boss has gone on annual leave and is out of the country.  The other person who makes up our management team is still in the Philippines too.  So yeah, I'm the only manager left at work - but I do have an RN looking after clinical matters.  Still, I'm the holding the front line by myself for a while, which oughta keep me pretty busy!

We had a shared lunch at work on Friday, which was DEE LISH USSSSSS!  And fun.  And then the boss left, and I had to do a million things at once.  Got home at 6pm, and then Kazzy took me out to get a manicure (well, technically he dropped me at the nail place and then came back 20 minutes later, but it was still really lovely of him).  We had Nandos for dinner, and he bought us a shaker of Peri Peri chip sprinkle, yum!  Might have to crack out the deep fryer for winter & do some chippies.  ^_^

When we got home, we stacked DVDs and CDs in our new stands - we need more DVDs!  But it looks very cool.

I've spent this morning studying & doing washing & drinking coffee, but I'm about to take a lunch break (enchiladas!) and watch some NCIS.
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There are not enough hours in the day.  I woke up at 5.30am and I'm still not caught up on all the work stuff I have to do, let alone my study/social life/etc.  Will finish my accounts stuff tomorrow morning & possibly pop in to work on Sunday to do the shift authorisations so that payroll goes smoothly next week.

The good news:  I am loving my new dress quite a lot.  And I'm home now, so I can chill out a bit.  Will probably pay for takeaways for dinner so that I don't have to cook & settle in to watch some CSI.  Yay!

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