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Such a busy week!

Dinner on Tuesday was lovely; was so good to see A. & A. again.  They're good people, and are fun and easy to hang with.  It was really nice to eat a good meal & watch some TV with friends.

And then on Thursday, we had fish & chips for dinner at Muriwai beach with M & JC.  Walked along the sand as the sun set, until it got cold enough that we had to return to the car.  Good times.

Friday was a bit of a clusterfuck at work (misplacing $150 = stressful), but I managed to get a lot done in the end.  My boss seemed a bit unhappy too, which made things less fun.  She's going away for her annual leave in a couple of weeks, which hopefully will cheer her up.  I'm slightly freaked by the thought, however, as my work load is gonna triple.

You know, in addition to the 200 research paper I'm taking this semester.  0_0

Plus, Kazzy is gonna be ridiculously busy with both his jobs in March, surveying and whatnot.

AND we have J&R's wedding on the 20th!  For which I have to provide food!  At least I have sorted my dress, so just need to find shoes & jewellery & some cute bowls for displaying desserts.

Um, yeah.

It's hard to feel worked up about any of this, however, because this weekend I purchased three things:
  1. CSI seasons1-6 in a pack with an aluminium case
  2. Gin Wigmore - Holy Smoke on CD
  3. aaaaaaaaand The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by N.K. Jemisin!!!

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