emjaynz: closeup of a black cat yawning (neo)
MJ ([personal profile] emjaynz) wrote2010-02-21 07:24 pm
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Two days ago, we got a new cat.  She's actually the mother of our current kitty, and she'd been living with Kazzy's parents until they moved towns.  At that point, she went to live with Kazzy's sister, who also had another kitty of her own.  The two cats did not get along: mama kitty is very bossy and greedy, and J's other kitty was not coping well with this invasion.

So we volunteered to try Lilo (aka mama cat) here, figuring she'd hopefully get on better with our (also bossy and greedy) kitty, Neo.  Two days we had her... and then she ran away.  Don't ask me how; the friggin' thing must've been taking lessons from Houdini.

I'm hoping she comes back when she's ready.  She is super cute and cuddly, and is the third generation of cats owned by Kazzy's family.  It would be really sad if she's gone for good!

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