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I've been feeling a bit under the weather recently (UNDER STATEMENT!) so today I went to the doctor - $60 dollars and a few pills later, I feel better (no pain!), so that's nice.

Had Kazzy's folks up for dinner tonight, and his sis & her partner came over too.  Gosh, I adore this family.  Cooked my jambalaya, which was a hit.  We ate quite late, though, which explains why I'm still up at 10.15pm!

I'm determined to go to work tomorrow and get all my shit done.  It's really frustrating that every day my "to do" list gets bigger, rather than smaller.  I feel like if I can catch up, things won't seem so overwhelming.

I still need to work on Mum's essay, sigh.  Where will I find the time?!  I really want to spend some time cleaning this house; my books need organising & papers need filing & the business needs some attention.  We've also been invited to a party this weekend.  Busy busy!

Spoke to my cuz the other night, and it seems like things are going her way at the moment - she's been head-hunted for a possible new job,  Lucky girl!  She works hard and really deserves it, though, so good on her.

I should probably call Dad, it's been a while since the last time.  And it's his birthday next month, so I need to figure out a gift and get that sent over.  Yes, organising that will probably take me the entire month.

So yeah, that's a brief update on recent stuff.  I should do this more often so that I can actually bitch and snark things as they happen, before memory fades.  Not much point in keeping a journal if I don't update it, after all!
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